NTBIO Diagnostics Inc. is excited to offer a Urine Analyzer as part of our new E-health line of products. This analyzer is not only compatible with multiple rapid tests but is made easy with our mobile device option. It analyzes and produces accurate and reliable quantitative results with automatic cloud database synchronization for over 13 targets. Our urine analyzer is available in two different sizes with a user friendly design, making it ideal for any medical setting! Leave us a message today to know more!

The NTBIO Advantage


NTBio Urine Analyzer-6 Targets

Key Features:

  Wide selection of targets 

  Mobile platform Option

  Cloud Database Synchronization

  User-friendly design

NTBio Urine Analyzer –14 Targets


The NTBIO Urine Analyzer provides convenient workflow using our accompanying urine testing mobile application. Results can be viewed both on display and in the app, which also provides diagnostic suggestions!  Through its automatic specimen absorption and electronic analysis, our urine testing app allows for wireless synchronization  which then provides automatic data transfer through an SD memory card and/or cloud database. You can also chose from two designs, a small, convenient option which test 6 targets and diagnostic meanings for kidney disease patients and bigger one allowing a wider target range of 14 targets. Get in touch with us to know more about what works best for you!


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