NTBIO Diagnostics Inc. is a Canadian R&D-based biotechnology company that develops, manufactures, and supplies high-quality immunoassays as well as revolutionary customized solution kits to all parts of the world. Founded by a team of professionals with many years of combined technical, marketing/sales, operational and manufacturing expertise in this industry, we offer high quality but cost-effective rapid tests (semi- finished materials/finished products), RIA test kits, and point of care (POCT) systems.

Our in vitro diagnostic products screen for a wide range of targets, including infectious diseases, tumors, cardiac abnormalities, sepsis, drug abuse, food safety, veterinary diseases and fertility.



NTBIO Diagnostics Inc. is   dedicated in providing vital information not only through high quality rapid tests but also through steadfast medical devices to all parts of the world.



At NTBIO, we believe medical diagnostics should be simple and accessible to everyone. This simplicity is embodied in all of our products, including our rapid test kits and POCT systems.

Our rapid solutions offered through our wide range of products ensure the fastest delivery of vital information to professionals all around the world for better healthcare.

NTBIO has established a comprehensive Quality Management System that integrates compliance with the Canadian Medical Device Regulations and applicable international standards (EN ISO 13485 and ISO 13485 with CMDCAS), ensuring top quality test results and accuracy. Our products are also CE and Health Canada certified.

We believe in the importance of healthcare for every individual.  By working with our partnered distributors to understand their market needs, we are able to provide the best solutions to the global health market.