Detecting narcotic usage is made easy with our DOA Rapid Tests. These tests are available as single drug tests (strips, cassettes), or multi-target tests (cups, panels) for convenience and efficiency. For example, our THC test can detect the presence of the drug in urine specimen with a concentration of as low as 50 ng/ml.


Four Ways to Test

Single Strip
Single Text
Multi-DOA Cup
Multi-DOA Panel


The NTBIO Advantage

Our standard DOA tests are developed with international standards (cut-off values). If you require custom cut-offs, our R&D team can help! Saliva diagnostics is also becoming more and more common for roadside DOA testing. Get in touch with us today on whether your DOA test is available in our saliva testing format or for any other inquiries!

Key Features:

  Tests in as little as 5 minutes

  Room temperature storage

  Multiple convenient formats

  Wide selection of DOA targets


Order Information

Catalogue #TargetDescriptionFormatPackageSpecimenCut-off
For more information please contact us or request a quote.
N03011-aAMPAmphetamineStrip50 Tests/BoxUrine1000ng/mL
N03011-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03021-aBARBarbiturateStrip50 Tests/Box300 ng/mL
N03021-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03031-aBUPBuprenorphineStrip50 Tests/Box50 ng/mL
N03031-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03041-aBZOBenzodiazepineStrip50 Tests/Box300 ng/mL
N03041-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03051-aCOCCocaineStrip50 Tests/Box300 ng/mL
N03051-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03061-aMETMethamphetamineStrip50 Tests/Box1000 ng/mL
N03061-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03071-aMDMAMethylenedioxy-methylamphetamineStrip50 Tests/Box500 ng/mL
N03071-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03081-aMORMorphineStrip50 Tests/Box300 ng/mL
N03081-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03091-aOPIOpiatesStrip50 Tests/Box2000 ng/mL
N03091-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03101-aTHCTetrahydrocannabinolStrip50 Tests/Box50 ng/mL
N03101-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03131-aTCATricyclic AntidepressantStrip50 Tests/Box1000 ng/mL
N03131-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03141-aKETKetamineStrip50 Tests/Box1000 ng/mL
N03141-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03151-aMTDMethadoneStrip50 Tests/Box300 ng/mL
N03151-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03161-aOXYOxycodoneStrip50 Tests/Box100 ng/mL
N03161-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03171-aPCPPhencyclidineStrip50 Tests/Box25 ng/mL
N03171-bCassette25 Tests/Box
N03111-e-DOA Multi-Target TestCupCustomized-
N03121-f-DOA Multi-Target TestDip PanelCustomized-