Lateral Flow Analyzer

Our Lateral Flow Analyzer is compatible with multiple rapid tests. It analyzes and produces accurate and reliable quantitative results. Our analyzer runs on a user-friendly operating system with a touch screen. For data export, the device prints via built-in printer, stores up to 100 test results, and exports by USB.



Accuracy+/- 0.02 x
Precision< 0.01 RLU
Test Time< 5s
Rapid Test Cassette Slots1 CCD Slots
MemorySD Memory Card Slot
PrinterBuilt-in Automatic Thermal Printer
Power SourceBuilt-in 2000mAH lithium polymer battery
Battery Charger/AdaptorSmart AC Charger 110~220 V, 50/60 Hz, maximum of 20W


Smartphone Reader

NTBIO is currently developing a Smartphone Reader that can analyze medical tests anytime, anywhere, via Smartphone app (no additional medical devices needed)! It will support multiple platforms including Android OS and Apple iOS. Furthermore, you will be able to share your test results with your family or physician online (e.g. via Cloud Storage).


Quantitative Diagnostics System

Our Quantitative Diagnostics System can now provide quantitative results for tests against cardiac markers and severe bacterial infections (sepsis). Since our reader is fully compatible with our rapid test cassettes, al medical (blood) tests can be performed conveniently at the bedside!

CategoryTestTargetsLinear RangeCut-Off
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Infection (Sepsis)PCTProcalcitonin0.1-100ng/ml0.5ng/ml
CRPC-Reactive Protein1-100mg/L10mg/L
Cardiac MarkerscTnICardiac Troponin0.5-50ng/ml0.5ng/ml
CK-MBCreatine Kinase Isoenzymes2.5-250ng/ml5ng/ml
NT-proBNPN-terminal pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide0.1-25ng/ml0.3ng/ml
H-FABPHearty-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein1-120ng/ml10ng/ml