Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, is a tropical infectious disease widely found in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and the Caribbean. Dengue is commonly transmitted through mosquito bites and is a very serious infection as it can cause hemorrhagic fever, leading to death.


The NTBIO Advantage


The NTBIO Dengue Rapid Tests are simplistic, qualitative immunoassays that rapidly determine if the Dengue Virus antigens (NS1) or Dengue IgG/IgM antibodies are present in your serum/plasma sample.

Key Features:

  Tests in as little as 10 minutes

  Room temperature storage

  Reliable performance

  Sensitivity: >92% (NS1), >91% (IgG/IgM)

  Specificity: >90% (NS1), >93% (IgG/IgM)



Once an individual is infected, antigen NS1 from the dengue virus becomes present and is detectable through our Dengue NS1 test. Antibodies IgG and IgM against the virus only becomes detectable a few days after the patient’s first contact with the virus. After a week, NS1 would not be detectable, which is why our Dengue IgG/IgM test can be used to detect the later stages of Dengue infection!

Order Information

Catalogue #TargetDescriptionFormatPackageSpecimenSensitivity
N02021-bDENDengue NS1 AntigenCassette25 Tests/BoxSerum/Plasma>92%
N02022-bDengue IgG/IgM AbCassette25 Tests/Box>91%
N02023-dDengue2 (IgG/IgM + NS1 Combo)Cassette20 Tests/Box-
N02021-eDENDengue NS1 AntigenCassette25 Tests/BoxSerum/Plasma/Whole Blood>92%
N02022-eDengue IgG/IgM AbCassette25 Tests/Box>92%
N02023-fDengue2 (IgG/IgM + NS1 Combo)Cassette20 Tests/Box-
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