Tumor Markers Rapid Testing

We offer several tumor marker tests for diagnosing potential cancers. The FOB test is able to detect blood in one's stool to indicate possible colon cancer. Our PSA test can detect elevated prostate specific antigens, which can be an early indication of prostate cancer.

Order Information

Cat. # Target Description Format Package Specimen Cut-off
N04011-b FOB Fecal Occult Blood Cassette 25 Tests/Box Stool 30 ng/mL
N04021-a AFP Alpha - Fetoprotein Strip 50 Tests/Box Serum/Plasma 25 ng/mL
N04021-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N04031-a CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen Strip 50 Tests/Box 5 ng/mL
N04031-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N04041-a PSA Prostate-specific Antigen Strip 50 Tests/Box 4 ng/mL
N04041-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box

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