Pregnancy and Ovulation tests - how do they work?

Results of Fertility Tests
It is easy to understand your results with an hCG test. If both Control and Test lines appear red, then this indicates a detection of hCG in your urine, which means that you may be pregnant. On the contrary, for the LH test, a red T line is usually visible throughout the whole month, due to small amounts of LH always being present. The Test line will become as red or even redder than the Control line when you are ovulating.

Three Ways to Test - Three Test Formats

Strip (Indirect Method): Best for Routine Use
Cassette (Indirect Method): Great for Routine Use
Midstream (Direct Method): Most Convenient

Order Information

Cat. # Target Description Format Package Specimen Sensitivity *
N01011-a hCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Strip 50 Tests/Box Urine 20 mIU/mL
N01011-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N01011-c Cassette 25 Tests/Box Serum / Plasma
N01011-d Midstream 1 Test/Box Urine
N01021-a LH Luteinizing Hormone Strip 50 Tests/Box 30 mIU/mL
N01021-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N01021-c Midstream 1 Test/Box
N01031-a FSH Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Strip 50 Tests/Box 25 mIU/mL
N01031-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box

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* Other sensitivities are available upon request.