Drugs of Abuse Overview

Detecting narcotic usage is made easy with our DOA Rapid Tests. These tests are available as single drug tests (strips, cassettes), or multi-target tests (cups, panels) for convenience and efficiency. For example, our THC test can detect the presence of the drug in urine specimen with a concentration of as low as 50 ng/ml.

Four Ways to Test - Four Test Formats

Single Strip
Single Cassette
Multi-DOA Cup
Multi-DOA Cup
Multi-DOA Panel
Multi-DOA Dip Panel

Order Information

Cat. # Target Description Format Package Specimen Sensitivity *
N03011-a AMP Amphetamine Strip 50 Tests/Box Urine 1000 ng/mL
N03011-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03021-a BAR Barbiturate Strip 50 Tests/Box 300 ng/mL
N03021-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03031-a BUP Buprenorphine Strip 50 Tests/Box 50 ng/mL
N03031-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03041-a BZO Benzodiazepine Strip 50 Tests/Box 300 ng/mL
N03041-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03051-a COC Cocaine Strip 50 Tests/Box 300 ng/mL
N03051-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03061-a MET Methamphetamine Strip 50 Tests/Box 1000 ng/mL
N03061-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03071-a MDMA Methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine Strip 50 Tests/Box 500 ng/mL
N03071-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03081-a MOR Morphine Strip 50 Tests/Box 300 ng/mL
N03081-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03091-a OPI Opiates Strip 50 Tests/Box 2000 ng/mL
N03091-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03101-a THC Tetrahydrocannabinol Strip 50 Tests/Box 50 ng/mL
N03101-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03131-a TCA Tricyclic Antidepressant Strip 50 Tests/Box 1000 ng/mL
N03131-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03141-a KET Ketamine Strip 50 Tests/Box 1000 ng/mL
N03141-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03151-a MTD Methadone Strip 50 Tests/Box 300 ng/mL
N03151-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03161-a OXY Oxycodone Strip 50 Tests/Box 100 ng/mL
N03161-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03171-a PCP Phencyclidine Strip 50 Tests/Box 25 ng/mL
N03171-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N03111-e DOA Multi-Target Test Cup Customized -
N03121-f DOA Multi-Target Test Dip Panel Customized -

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* Other sensitivities are available upon request.