Cardiac Markers Rapid Testing

The presence of certain proteins in the blood can be a sign of potential cardiac abnormalities or acute coronary syndrome (ACS). When the level of these markers is elevated past a threshold in the circulatory systems, our tests will indicate a positive result. These helpful tests can decrease emergency wait times and hospital visits.

Order Information

Cat. # Target Description Format Package Specimen Cut-off
N05011-a cTnI Cardiac Troponin I Strip 50 Tests/Box Serum / Plasma 0.5 ng/mL
N05011-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N05021-a CK-MB Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes Strip 50 Tests/Box 5 ng/mL
N05021-b Cassette 25 Tests/Box
N05031-b MYO Myoglobin Cassette 25 Tests/Box 50 ng/mL
N05041-b CRP C - Reactive Protein Cassette 25 Tests/Box 1 µg/mL

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